One thing special about Apple’s products is the class, quality, and elegance they provide. Of all their products, the most iconic is the iPhone series. For example, you talk about popular series such as the iPhone 12 series, the iPhone 11, and the iPhone X.

All the series have something common: in their specs, features, and how consistent these specs are over the years. Because of this, it does not matter whether the iPhone X series is no longer on the production table. It is still pretty much in vogue.

A good smartphone from the iPhone X series is the iPhone XR. Like its predecessors and successors, it came with the specs and features known with every Apple product. Therefore, it can still deliver in terms of quality and performance.

iPhone XR specs

Below are important specifications of the iPhone XR.

Display: 6.1 inch (828 x 1792)



Processor: A12 Bionic Hexa-core

Camera: 12MP (Rear) / 7MP (Front)

In terms of color and specs, there are many variants of the iPhone XR. However, you can get the Grade A and B 64GB iPhone XR versions from us at Reagan Wireless. Below are why you should get the smartphone from us.

Conditions of the iPhone XR

The iPhone XR available in our store are in Grade A, and B refurbished conditions. On the one hand, Grade-A refurbished devices means that the devices are in used yet near-mint conditions. It is the best quality you can have a refurbished device since it shows little previous ownership signs.

On the other hand, Grade B refurbished devices are the second-best quality of used iPhones. There might be some indication of slight use, such as light scuffing or little scratching of the case.

The iPhone XR also comes in many colors such as red, white, yellow, coral, blue and black.


Price is the most important factor when choosing any Apple product. At Reagan Wireless, we offer many smartphones at a reasonable price. The iPhone XR is no exception.

iOS Supports

The iPhone XR will have the latest iOS update like its successors. Therefore, you are not exempted from enjoying the new features of iOS 14. Like the iPhone 11 and 12, the iPhone XR will get an automatic update. This is unlike the iPhone X, 8, and 7 series that will only get it via NFC scan from Control Center.

Processor and RAM

The iPhone XR comes with the A12 bionic processor, which is very fast and efficient. Together with the 3GB of RAM, you can easily run high-end applications without encountering any issues.

Storage Capacity

The iPhone XR comes in three different storage sizes: 64GB, 256GB and 512GB. You can get the 64GB version from our store.

How to Get the Device?

You may get Stock A or B iPhone XR’s on our website. Choose the best smartphone while minding its grade and color, then check out your order.