The world is turning towards smartphones at a very alarming rate. This is visible in the spike in smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung, Apple, and Huawei sales. Here at Reagan Wireless, we are an online distributor specializing in selling and buying smartphones, devices, and other accessories. By engaging our store, you can get smartphones from top manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, LG, Motorola, among many others.

We are also an eco-conscious buyer and seller of smartphones affiliated with the many environmental agencies such as the Deerfield Beach Environmental and the Waste Electrical Electronic Equipment Directive.

Below are the categories of products you can get from us at Reagan Wireless.


We all know that where the name Apple pops up, there is class. The smartphone manufacturer has many smartphones in the market, from the newly released iPhone 12 series to the iPhone 8 series. There are also other devices manufactured by the company for the Apple watch series.

At Reagan Wireless, you can get devices ranging from iPhone 5 to the iPhone 11 series with different specs and features. You can also get the Apple Watch series from Series 2 and above. Top devices in the Apple category are:

  • Apple iPhone XS MAX 64GB.
  • Apple iPhone XS 256GB.


Samsung is the top Android smartphone producer in the world. Their devices are always in contention with Apple products in terms of processors, display, and other features. For example, they boast of phones such as the Samsung S10, S20, and the Note Series, which directly competes with top iPhone products in terms of class and quality.

Here is Reagan Wireless. You have access to get phones such as:

  • Samsung Galaxy S10e.
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus.
  • Samsung Galaxy S7.
  • Samsung Note 9, etc.


Motorola smartphones are popular for their impressive specs and features. However, even though they are popular, many people are not familiar with them. The android smartphone manufacturer is the type that makes sure the name follows the products. Therefore, their product might not have popularity like top phones in the Samsung brands, but it also oozes quality.

At Reagan Wireless, you can get many Motorola smartphones, such as the Motorola E4. This smartphone features a waterproof body, a very stunning camera, among other specs.


HTC is another smartphone manufacturing company that boasts of very elegant and high-taste android smartphones. When you say HTC, you talk about smartphones like the M series.

Here at Reagan Wireless, you can get many HTC smartphones. Check through the catalog for the phone that suits your price.


Sony is another smartphone manufacturer known for its high spec’s smartphones. Operating under the android genre, they produce top-notch devices, for example, the popular Xperia series known for their incredible display, powerful RAM, and processors.

Here in Reagan Wireless, you can get Sony smartphones such as the Xperia L1.


LG phones are popular based on their specs. They have smartphones capable of keeping up with others based on top features such as display, processor, etc.

Here at Reagan Wireless, you can get LG smartphones such as the Stylo 5 and the Stylo 3.

How to Get the Device?

There are also other devices, such as Bluetooth speakers, phone cases, headphones, etc.  You can get any of these devices by visiting our website.