On October 23, 2020, a little far off the rumored date (October 13), smartphone giant Apple released the official iPhone 12 series into the market. It is beautiful, powerful, and elegantly made, no doubt. However, is that now what we all expect from Apple?

Since the iPhone 12 series is here, we are looking toward lowering the previous series’ prices. Therefore, the immediate iPhone 11 series and the iPhone XR should have a low price. You can maximize such opportunities by jumping on the deal offered by us at Reagan Wireless. We are giving out iPhone 11 series and iPhone XR at very low prices.

Why You Should Take the Offer

Coming across such this type of deal that we offer is once in a year. We know you might have your discretion based on price or other regulations on getting the device. However, there are some things we know can spur you to get the smartphones we offer.

The Price

The major point of attraction is that we offer the device to people at a ridiculous price. If you don’t know how unbelievable that is, you should remember that you are getting smartphones from the iPhone 11 series and iPhone XR (both of which are costly), at a small price as at the time where their specs are still relevant.

Even though the iPhone 12 series is out, holding a smartphone from the iPhone 11 series or an iPhone XR shows you are still current. This is probably the lowest price you can get the devices as of now, and you should endeavor to make use of it.


It is normal to need a high spec smartphone like those in the iPhone 12 series. However, when you fall short based on the price, you might have to think of another alternative. Smartphones from the iPhone 11 series and iPhone XR are perfect if you want to maintain the same brand name and status quo associated with their use. They have features that can keep up with smartphones in the iPhone 12 series.

·      iOS version

All the smartphones in the iPhone 12, 11, and X series are compatible with iOS 14. Therefore, you won’t miss out on the new design changes, features, and updates for existing applications.

·      Processor

The iPhone 12 runs an A14 bionic processor, currently referred to as the most powerful processor in the smartphone world. iPhone XR has an A12 bionic processor, while smartphones in the iPhone 11 series have A13 bionic processors. Therefore, you are not missing much in terms of performance if you take the deal with us at Reagan Wireless.

Other features, such as the display, camera, etc., makes the iPhone 12 better. However, the iPhone 11 series and iPhone XR still stand very close to them

How to Get the Device?

To get the device, visit our website. Submit a request form containing your information and the smartphone you want to buy, and you are good to go.