Like all Apple devices before it, Apple Watch Series 6 combines elegance, quality, and a unique sense of style. It is currently the newest in the series, following the Series 5 released on the 20th of September 2019.

Apple announced the Apple Watch 6 on the 15th of September  2020 and then stated that it would be available for the general public starting from the 18th of September 2020.

For now,  it is the best smartwatch you can buy.



Apple Watch 6 comes with amazing specs compared to other smartwatches. Below are a few of its important specs.

  • Size: 40mm & 44mm.
  • Battery life: 18 hours
  • Features: Water-resistant (<50m).
  • Storage capacity: 36GB
  • Sensors: ECG, SpO2, Heart rate, and Altimeter.


Saying Apple Watch 6 is the best smartwatch might be a little cheeky, but it is the truth. Apple already has the name, but the smartwatch’s features further add credit to its pull-power. I examined the smartwatch and can assure you that it oozes nothing less than quality.

We all know that quality is synonymous with price. Therefore, I believe that the smartwatch features justify its starting price. Below are its features.

Blood Oxygen Monitoring App

Due to the increase in concern for personal health, the blood oxygen sensor is a valuable addition to the Apple Watch 6. According to Apple, the smartwatch can detect the blood oxygen concentration in 15 seconds while doing periodic background checks.

A score of 95%-100% shows healthiness, while a score below shows an underlying health condition. Users with a score below 95% have a high chance of having conditions such as Sleep Apnea and Hypoxia.

Battery life

Apple Watch 6 has the same battery life as all its predecessors down to Apple Watch 3. The 18 hours of battery life is enough for a minimal workout. However, when I engaged in a GPS-guided exercise, it fell short of time. It wasn’t that shocking because I know Apple devices and batteries are not that related.

The only advantage the Apple Watch 6 has over its predecessor in terms of battery is faster charging. It can reach a full charge in a period of 90minutes. That is 30 minutes short of Apple Watch 5.


Another feature that makes the Apple Watch 6 unique is the beautifully integrated display. The smartwatch still uses an OLED screen even though there was a rumor of a switch to microLED.

Nevertheless, it has a crystal-clear display, which will allow you to check the time or perform other functions even while under the sun.

Apple Watch 6 has a sharper display when compared to the Apple Watch 5.

Sleep Tracking

Apple Watch 6’s sleep tracking helps with achieving bedtime goals. It reminds users every night at a particular time to get a night rest.

It is quite a useful feature in the modern world. For example, Covid-19 exposed a lot of people to stress. I am not excluded since I sometimes stay awake to finish some tasks. If you then understand the connection between sleep and brain function, you will appreciate the benefits of setting sleep goals and rest using the application.


Our Verdict on Apple Watch Series 6

There is not much difference between Apple Watch 6 and its predecessors. However, the little differences gave it a little edge over the others.

There is the  SpO2 monitor ideal for those concerned about their health, clean and sleek design for those who value looks, and other amazing features. Although the battery life is the same, it is still a unique smartwatch that goes toe-to-toe with smartwatches such as Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 and Fit bit Sense.