Habilitation Center Director of Manufacturing, Linda Cooke, presents an Appreciation Award to Reagan Wireless



Habilitation Center Director of Manufacturing, Linda Cooke, presents an Appreciation Award to Reagan Wireless President & CEO

Reagan Wireless, a leading technology company in the global cellular phone distribution industry, is celebrating its fifth year of giving back to adults with special needs through its partnership with the Habilitation Center. Dedicated to providing high tech manufacturing opportunities to men and women with special needs, the Habilitation Center is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization in Boca Raton, Florida.  Reagan Wireless has generously donated their time and expertise to providing work opportunities to those adults with disabilities.

“My employees and I have been immensely inspired by the work of The Habilitation Center where adults with special needs are armed with the knowledge, skills and behavior needed to lead useful and productive lives with dignity, respect and independence.”

Each month, Reagan Wireless dispatches to the Habilitation Center, thousands of cell phone chargers and data cables, where they are inspected and re-assembled according to Reagan Wireless specifications.  The Center operates as a state-of-the-art contract manufacturer with sophistications in turnkey logistics and supply management, electro-mechanical assembly, engineering and production.

“We depend heavily on both the moral and financial support to carry out our vital mission of enabling persons with disabilities to discover personal fulfillment and reach their maximum potential. We’re very grateful to Reagan Wireless for its generosity to the Center,” said Bob DiRocco, Executive Director of the Habilitation Center.

The Habilitation Center which serves over 250 adults with disabilities has been honored with the “Manufacturer of the Year Award” from the South Florida Manufacturers Association.
The Center has diverse experience in a variety of government and industrial market sectors including electronics, aerospace, pharmaceutical, and telecommunications.  As a believer in continuous improvement, the Center has not only achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification but has also acquired AS 9100C certification (Aviation, Aerospace, Defense).

As a leading worldwide distributor, reseller, recycler, and wholesaler of mobile phones, tablets and accessories for more than 17 years, Reagan Wireless offers its clients a full spectrum of devices from top name brands, including Apple, Samsung, Sony, Otterbox, JBL, and Motorola. Headquartered in Deerfield Beach, Florida it’s known for its unbeatable pricing and extensive client relationships with such companies as Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon.  Reagan Wireless also specializes in reverse logistics, providing de-branding, brand protection, parts harvesting, and other services to suit individual client needs.


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