Free dental care for all the orphans and workers at the Kabataan orphanage.


Marie (last name withheld due to HIPPA) at eleven years old was suffering from uncontrollable seizures. Her family was distraught with nowhere to turn for help and unable to care for her. Fortunately, Kabataan Charity was able to come to her assistance and she was able to enter the orphanage to receive treatment for her undiagnosed seizures. And now a year later Marie has been reunited with her family and receives periodic visits with a local physician. Mrs. Flores, Head Social Worker, reports that this young child and her family are so grateful for the help she received which was made possible by the generosity of CEO Daniel Kaufman and Reagan Wireless Corp. through the work of Kabataan Charity.

Kabataan Charity Danial Kaufman

Daniel Kaufman funds new dental clinic in Manila, Philippines.

Now Kabataan Charity is excited to announce a large charitable donation from Reagan Wireless Corp that will help to provide the children at the Manila orphanage a new dental clinic which will be the only one of its kind for miles. It will offer free dental care for all the orphans and workers at the Kabataan orphanage. Volunteer dentists will help staff the clinic on a daily basis.

Reagan Wireless  will completely fund the construction of a new dental clinic at the KABATAAN CHARITY’s medical clinic. This donation will also pay for new dental chairs, dental supplies and medicine. There are over 180 children in the orphanage that currently have no dental care whatsoever except in very extreme medical emergencies. The funding will also help pay for MRIs and treatment for 2 children that have brain injuries and that have been on a government waitlist for 6 months due to lack of funding.


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