When it comes to amazing deals on phones and phone accessories Reagan Wireless cannot be beat. Running any kind of business, whether it’s a restaurant or a car shop, can bring financial surprises, but fortunately, buying electronics like iPhones, Samsung or phone accessories does not have to be one of them. When you buy electronics wholesale with Reagan Wireless, you are investing in quality products that can be sold or reordered easily. There are many advantages of buying wholesale. Affordability is one of the biggest and most important benefits of buying phones and electronics wholesale. When you buy items in bulk, and without the additional costs of working with an intermediary, you can enjoy advantages of discounted pricing. Reagan Wireless offers: phones, tablets, smartphones, chargers, screen protectors. All our electronics and accessories are verified and tested by experienced technicians.


Reagan Wireless guarantee:


A wide range of brands, such as iPhone, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Otterbox, JBL, Harman Kardon and other top name brands at the prices that work for you.


Consistent inventory of wholesale cell phones, accurately graded and ready to ship. We source our inventory of wholesale cell phones directly from carriers and manufacturers to ensure consistent supply.


Accurate grading– all devices undergo a stringent testing and grading process, ensuring consistent quality. As one of the most reputable suppliers of wholesale cell phones in the industry, we understand the importance or consistent, accurate, and transparent grading. Our goal is to provide you with all of the information you need to buy phones in bulk with confidence.


Reliable sourcing – We understand that your business depends on consistent supply. That’s why we always ensure that we have the inventory of bulk cell phones you need. Finally, an inventory source you can count on. Whether you are a retailer, wholesaler, distributor, or refurbisher, we are committed to providing you with the wholesale cell phones you need when you need them.


Confidentiality and privacy- we respects your privacy and we never share your information with any other parties.


Transparent restocking– Reagan Wireless takes the guesswork out of restocking your inventory of bulk cell phones. Our inventory is regularly updated. If you need to secure stock quickly you can buy at list price or you can make offers on any line item in our stock list.


Fast turnaround– use our self-service platform to find the wholesale cell phones you want, and we will ship them out in as little as 24 hours.*


Reagan Wireless is a trusted wireless distributor for over 20 years. Reagan Wireless has maintained a strong presence in the cellular phone distribution industry, building an impressive track record of corporate accomplishments in Florida and beyond. The wholesaler is based in Deerfield Beach, Florida and owns and operates a 78,000 square-foot warehouse that ships orders around the globe.



*subject to prior approval. YOU MUST HAVE A CURRENT AND VALID TAX ID to complete our online wholesale new customer application. Applications are approved within 48-72 hours. For wholesale large bulk purchases only.