The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra (starting at  whopping $1,300 is the most advanced big-screen phone yet because it’s much more than a phone. It’s a highly evolved note-taking device, a powerful 50x zoom camera and even a mini Xbox and desktop PC all rolled into one device. The Note’s stylus and uncompromising gigantism has many loyalists. With the Note20 Ultra, you get these incredible features: the S Pen is better than ever, the display is still as big as it is gorgeous and inside are still the fastest smartphone guts money can buy, in the form of a Snapdragon 865+.

The $1300 beauty will get you get a ton of RAM, up to 512GB of storage (plus a microSD slot!), and three cameras on the back. The new iteration of the periscope camera reaches farther (native 5x optical) and sees better with a wider f/3.0 aperture. Moving along at an adaptively-controlled 120Hz, the screen is truly a joy to consume all of your endless content upon, with its ultra-smooth scrolling and vivid, bright colors. Wireless charging (including reverse wireless charge), IP68 water resistance, 5G, and a in-screen fingerprint reader let you know you’ve got a real premium smartphone in your hands. Not to mention the sleek frosted glass and overall updated corporate aesthetic, which I think has been received to widespread praise. The battery offers 6+ hours of daily screen time.

All in all, the Note20 Ultra is almost surely the Note that Note fans are going to rave about in 2020.

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